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She met Opal, Pearl, and Caleb, who looks like her psychic friend, Jakey. Her first adventure is truly bizarre, wacko, fun and, well, strange. This was a bizarre read. I saw it coming, but I really liked the concept magic system?

These things make you WANT to read, rather than put down the book. Jun 25, Xyra rated it really liked it. First of all, Strage really loved Emily’s syllabus.

Dark Times

I have liked Emily’s character since I saw her on t-shirt, and after finding perridos in this book that she was so singular, makes me even like her more. But I can see the entertainment level, and I definitely would have liked it back in the day.

Great Aunt Millie – the family’s ghost 4. Great Aunts Through the Ages 5. And one of the subject that she decided to take was about getting to know about the history of Strange family, taught by her mother. So, I got the inspiration to te a short story based on this character based solely on her looks and name, didn’t know any of her history for an English assignment. I read this perdkdos after book 3, which meant that the chronology was slightly botched in my head; however, I enjoyed this book as much as the others.


That means giving herself homework with points.

Stranger and Stranger (Emily the Strange Novels, #2) by Rob Reger

What is the genre of Emily the Strange: They added a different perspective to the reading experience, and really brought the novel to life. More likely to be napping with her four black cats; or cobbling together a particle pperdidos out of lint, lentils, 13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel: Jul 05, Lindsey rated it really liked it.

Y aunque no quiera y sus cuatro gatos negros tampoco e,ily embalar. Emily Strange is back. Sep 09, Alisha Marie rated it liked it Shelves: The first of the four released books under Perdidoss the Strange series, The Lost Days, tells us the story of Emily Strange finding herself in a place she doesn’t know, and remembering nothing about herself.

Very jealous I don’t have one. I read it as an ebook and that could have influenced my enjoyment. I found it very boring at the beginning – it took forever for anything at all to happen. See 1 question about Dark Times…. Emily the Strange should have just been left alone as a graphic on a T-shirt.


It’s thick, glossy sheets are too wonderful to read on, not to mention the fancy pri I’ve been seeing Emily the Strange in different licensed items, and it’s actually my first time pwrdidos see an actual book about her in a bookstore. I especially loved the ending XD.

The Lost Days

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I gave this 5 stars, because I read it in one sitting.

But apart from the very hipterishness of this book where there is gothic drawings and she wears all black and is super cool coming from a hipster, I think hipster things are cool and has weird things, this book actually has a pretty cool story line.

The first quarter or so of this was intensely boring and I only kept reading because it’s a quick read and I hate not finishing things, but once the time travel storyline got going it got a lot better.

Emily’s uniquely strange homeschool syllabus includes: At A Glance Genre: She giggles at immature humor like the word “poopcake” lol and thought it was funny when her cat pooped outside of the litter box.