Rereadings: It caused outrage at the time, but Forever Amber Kathleen Winsor’s story of an English adventuress who becomes one of the. Kathleen Winsor’s Forever Amber, the naughtiest novel of , has just been reprinted. Lock up your servants. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Kathleen ioned.

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Who are we kidding. Surprised I didn’t go into labor right then. My mom’s first born, my older brother, was named Bruce Carlton because my mom loved this book and the character while she was pregnant in Jack of Shadows Roger Zelazny. I am not like you Jun 15, SarahKate rated it liked it.

No spoiler here in that Amber is the ultimate sleep your way to the top to become one in Charles II rotation of mistresses.

The devouring, hungry kisses and languid afterglows are all here without the moder While it’s certainly not a “bodice ripper” in the modern sense, Winsor certainly laid the groundwork for the genre with her novel of the multiple amorous and mercenary adventures karhleen one Amber St. Amber is an English Scarlett O’Hara of the late s. As a history nerd, it was great to see how this author depicted Ambers experience in these events.

Amber left and often endangered her children which was also very irritating to me. But she never wasted one second being a statue like her Virginian rival.

Newer Post Older Post Home. A genuine fogever turner! What I took away from it this time was quite different. Among those was her hope to write a best-selling novel. Bruce happens upon the two women and he and Amber violently fight, triggering Corinna’s labour.


The more men she sleeps with the more her price falls and she eventually becomes unpopular leading her to leave the city after an abortion makes her ill, to rest and contemplate her future. She charms them into her boudoir and then, sated, shoos them out again, like so many scullery maids. Indeed, no women are chaste in this book—they are either squeamish or ugly.

Definitely recommend for those Outlander fans Amber is born of noble unmarried parents and reared in a country village with people she thinks are her aunt and uncle.

Besides, she manages to see him off altogether when she leaves him to fry in the Great Fire.

Emeralds on the home front

You will cheer her schemes and wish she fails. The Ivy Tree Mary Stewart. I first read this book when I was about twelve years old and I am surprised none of the adults around me prohibited it. I am enjoying every page. Not me, foreveer for sure. Of course, once Bruce is back Amber manages to screw things up nicely what a fool and fresh out of likely prospects young men with moneyAmber finds herself an older one to protect her from life’s little problems.

Vintage Novels: Bad Novels: Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor

On her way to Tunbridge Wells she meets a rich widower, Samuel Dangerfield, and pretends to be a modest young widow in order to convince him to marry her. Surprising that Winsor either ignored the concept of birth control or made a conscience choice for the character not to use it. This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. Throughout the entire book she stayed the same childish, selfish person she was at the beginning, and I hated her.


Carlton is an adventurer, disguised as a privateer for the Crown, Bruce refuses to crawl on his belly in Court to regain what was once his or clamor and scheme for power. At heart she stays a country filly and never wins, but what a race she runs! She believes herself to be common and to have risen above her beginnings. If anyone had a reason to just sit down and cry about how life was treating them, it would be Amber–but she’s much too strong a person to do that.

Forever Amber

The Snail on the Slope Arkady Strugatsky. A feisty, brave and independent heroine who is not afraid to go after what she wants. But I would always reach for this book before picking up Gone with the Wind, and that’s saying something since most of the reviewers on this site have katjleen about how much they like that book!