Editorial Reviews. Review. “[Mani and Roumeli are] two of the 20th Centuries most celebrated travel books” — Independent on Sunday From the Mani. Buy Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese by Patrick Leigh Fermor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. This is Patrick Leigh Fermor’s spellbinding part-travelogue, part inspired evocation of a part of Greece’s past. Joining him in the Mani, one of Europe’s wildest.

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Preview — Mani by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

It took me awhile to read, and admittedly the book would help me relax at night when my mind raced. Having travelled to Sparta and nearby areas by local bus many years ago, this book echoes for me an experience a bit off the beaten track. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Ideally both would be bound in the same volume. Travels in the Southern Peloponnese is still wonderful escapist stuff. The translation was revised after his release with Leigh Fermor who added a further chapter on olives.

Apr 16, Jim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now he was famous — trvels himself of cancer by walking around Crete. Aug 19, David Singerman rated it liked it Shelves: The myths and legends of history feel so much more alive here than in other parts of Greece.

I started this ages ago on a bus skirting the Mani the spectacular Kalamata to Sparta road, passing the genuinely sinister spot where the Spartans abandoned their inadequate infants and read it in Mystras and Monemvasia, and put it aside, and read more months later on a late afternoon flight across the dusky blue hills of the Peloponnese.

Customers who bought this item also bought. I have endlessly trumpeted my admiration for Patrick Leigh-Fermor. Now Robert Crisp — I used to see him.

On a bank above this busy stone disc, the rest of the family were flinging wooden shovelfuls of wheat in the air for the grain to fall on outstretched coloured blankets while the soutthern drifted away. Like to drink ouzo before lunch with the old guy locals?


On the trail of Patrick Leigh Fermor in Greece

I’m unashamedly in thrall to Patrick Leigh Fermor. It had a fragment of crenellated wall on top of it, the ruins of a Venetian fortress. To lie in a hammock in the north woods trravels the sky – cobalt, cirrus, gull-etched – and feel its gentle sway, to listen to the twitter of songbirds and the chatter of gray squirrels, to watch the rippling of the lake and hear its soughing on the shore, and, above all, to accompany all of this with the reading of the limpid trave,s of Patrick Leigh Fermor is summer paradise indeed.

Soon we were on a longer, twisting route.

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I could hardly complain about Greek tardiness: Patrick had a certain flair for rhapsodic language which he employed on the rocks and cacti that helped enliven th This book is schizophrenic; it rather depends on you whether you’ll find it enjoyable or not.

In this emphasis on ttavels and assured values, Greece was just one of several exemplars, albeit an important one, abused to animate the philosophy that spawned two world wars.

An excellent writer I have only just discovered. The account of their travels is fascinating, and very digressive, so much so that Leigh Fermor apologizes for his many omissions: The views of the bay below, however, were becoming more and more magnificent.

Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese by Patrick Leigh Fermor

On a poster, Petro Mavromichalis, the ex-war minister, between a pin-up girl cut-out from the cover of Romantzo and a calendar for the Be Smart Tailors of Madison Avenue, flashed goodwill from his paper monocle.

For a start they had turned vengeance into a lifelong passion, building war towers to threaten their neighbours and generally making life on a stony mountain even grimmer than it needed to be and clinging to weird atavistic beliefs.

Amazon Business Service for business customers. The Mani is the middle finger of the three-pronged southern Peloponnese, a mile long skeletal digit that was almost inaccessible, except by sea, until recently. Available on Amazon Kindle – Buy now! Back in Kardamyli late that afternoon, Fotis was keen to hear of my walk, but he scoffed at my description of the Chatwin Church. I called out but got no answer. Fotis leaned back and shouted in Greek to his wife in the kitchen. At other points the flurry of Greek and Turkish names is just too much to follow or care about.


On Foot to Constantinople: She came through, cloth in hand. Retrieved from ” https: The first is due to the stature of the author.

Most obviously it lacks the sense of direction, literally, that Fermor conveyed with his journey from Holland to Istanbul. The travel part is beautifully written, Fermor has a way with words that make what he is seeing so evocative and appealing.

The language harks back to old dialects, and even thought the orthodox church has a strong influence, pagan and old habits still exist. I elected to call it the Chatwin Church. I found myself scanning over general mythological references, a history of mythical beasts, a comparison of Eastern mysticism to Western literalism and respective religious art, an analysis of Mani blood feuds, and other digressions, while clinging to and rereading the jewels of narrative scattered throughout the book.

Come on — I’ll take you there. Leigh Fermor himself had taken 78 years over his trilogy, and even then no one seemed very sure if he had completed the task.


The Mani, at the tip of Greece’s-and Europe’s-southernmost promontory, is one of the most isolated regions of the world. From my perspective it was part informative, part a further insight to an extraordinary man, part revealing of the area and peoples and part a dry academic indulgence on various aspects of arcane myth and practices.

I don’t feel I have properly consumed it, but there may be other summers in Greece to dip into it, if I’m lucky. Aug 15, Jean Marriott rated it it was amazing.